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  • Symon Leech

Bristol bound again! UKCGF Bristol

It was lovely to get back to Bristol, one of our absolute favourite places to visit. We were back at the Ashton Gate Stadium, where the UKCGF held our first con back after COVID, and a year or so later we are back, the world has changed a bit since then.

As usual, the folk of Bristol and the staff at UKCGF were great fun. We met loads of friends including the awesomely talented Curly Phil and his wife Jade, Andy Kybett (Mr WynterCon) and Nathan Pegler. It was ridiculously busy. We saw so many visitors which made for a great atmosphere. We also met some new traders which meant we did a little horse-trading and got a fantastic model of a scout walker made out of old motorbike parts. We would have had the Millenium Falcon but it was a little out of our reach.

The cosplay was run by the Somerset Cosplayers and was superb as always. The good folk of Bristol did not let us down either, with some spectacular outfits.

Needless to say, we will be back in Bristol for the next event.

Until next time

Love and Glue,

Symon and Pamela x

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