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  • Symon Leech

MCM Comic Con London Spring 2023

One of the things we do at comic-cons is take photos of all the lovely cosplay folk. I'm always bowled over by how talented they are. You can guarantee if I took your photo it was because it either impressed me, it was unusual or it made me smile. Either way it was because I thought it was pretty great.

These are the folks I met in MCM Comic Con London in the Spring, we had a great time, which is quite obvious from the number of pictures of me messing around, I'm the guy in the duck shirt...

Unfortunately, we were so busy during 2023 that I never really got around to loading the pictures up here, so apologies if you were waiting for these!

If you are in this gallery*, or you know someone who is, or if you simply like this post please feel free to share it, tag it or do general social media-type things with it.

*Contact us if you would like a higher-quality copy of the pic or if you would like the picture removed. We ALWAYS ask before taking photos and tell people where we will share it, "cosplay is not consent"

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