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  • Symon Leech

UKGE Birmingham 2023

Oh boy, we got to take Brambledown Designs to the UK Games Expo (UKGE) and it was a hoot! When we walked into the NEC, it felt like getting wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket, and that wasn’t just down to the weather, there were just so many old friends and familiar faces.

We had been getting ready for this event like it was the Olympics, so being there felt surreal. Our booth was in the main hall, and it was swamped with gamers and geeks from all over the world. We had a little bit of everything on display, from art prints to stickers, and we were excited to show them off.

And holy guacamole, the response was phenomenal! You could feel the energy of gaming and geekdom all around us. Folks stopped by our booth to nab our exclusive goodies or just chitchat about all the happenings at the con.

It was heartwarming to connect with so many like-minded folks. And let's just say, this year's UKGE was a jam-packed, unforgettable blast!

Here's a bunch of pics we took of the folk there!

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