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Our gift guide

We meet loads of people at events around the country who see our work and say "that would be perfect for.... "  So you could say our list has been tried and tested for your awkward loved one.

Our gifts are available as prints, clothing, bookmarks, stickers, mugs and coasters.


Seed bombs

Say it with flowers!!
Our seed bombs are a little nod to Mother Nature and the spirit of romance.  They contain a mix of UK native wildflowers suitable for bees and other pollinators.


Gifts for Lovers

Our selection of Valentine's day gifts


Gifts for the Geek Cave

The first movie in the beloved Cornetto Trilogy, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, is a firm favourite at the events we go to.  This is a limited edition linoprint over a page of the script.  It's even got a bit of red on it.


Gifts for Nature Lovers

Our Kingfisher is one of our oldest and most loved pictures, we take it anywhere and it creates a splash!  It will do the same for the nature lover in your life.


Gifts for Spooky folk

Wednesday was such a wonderful adaptation we thought we had to paint a picture.  There are so many little Easter eggs hidden away in this, it was loads of fun to paint.


John Barrowman is joyful in his role as Jack Harkness, the enigmatic sidekick of Doctor Who!


Old School Gifts

Hong Kong Phooey is one of my favourite, old-school cartoons.  They don't make them like that anymore!!


Gifts for Nature Lovers

We love bees at Brambledown Towers and we are not alone!  We have plans for bee-based stuff, keep your eyes peeled...

Help yourself to this FREE  phone wallpaper


Gifts for Spooky folk

Ashy Slashy, the chainsaw-wielding dumbass, from the Evil Dead is one of horror,s greatest heroes!  We love this one to bits, especially since Bruce Campbell himself approves of the picture.

Gifts for Movie Buffs

The Princess Bride is one of the best movies ever made, if you think differently, you're wrong!!
This linoprint features Cary Elwes as the Dread Pirate Roberts



Gifts for Music Lovers

One of the most unusual things we make are the smashed vinyl mosaics.  Jimi Hendrix is a great example, but don't worry they are always made out of old, broken records!


Gifts for Spooky Folk

Tom Sturridge nailed his depiction of Morpheus, Lord of Dreams, the Sandman.  Neil Gaiman's creation is dark and otherworldly, I hope my painting lives up to his vision.


Gifts for Sci Fi Lovers

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is a firm favourite at Brambledown Towers.  Douglas Adam's sci-fi, comedy, tv show, radio play, book, movie, computer game and towelling range are a cultural phenomenon that are essential viewing/listening/reading/grooming material for the hoopy frood in your life.

Gifts for Movie Buffs

Labyrinth is one of the best movies ever made, if you think differently, you're wrong!!  I may have repeated myself, though I have to say it's a classic.
Bowie's performance alongside Henson's Muppets was spot on!


Gifts for Sci Fi Lovers

Red Dwarf is an absolute comedy classic.  We do a lot of comic cons with the cast in attendance. They are all wonderful folk and if you get the chance to meet them you should jump at it.

Gifts for Spooky Folk

The Nightmare before Christmas alongside the Muppets Christmas Carol have become firm Christmas movie favourites.
Both of them might be Christmas movies but they are fan favourites the whole year around!


Gifts for Our Heroes

Our friendly neighborhood Spiderman was based on a linoprint.  It's one of the few pictures we do as a linoprint and a reproduction, mainly because the smaller miniprints are more pocket-money friendly for our younger fans.

Gifts for Movie Buffs

I think Jaws caused so many childhood traumas over the years that some people are still cautious about getting into the sea.
This linoprint is printed onto a copy of the book we found, that was suffering from water damage. It seemed appropriate for an aquatic monster movie.



Gifts for Sci Fi Lovers

The Mandalorian and Grogu have become a phenomenon!  We loved the series and how it has expanded the Star Wars Universe.

Gifts for Book Nerds

The scandalous diaries of Anne Lister remained coded for years.  Lister, portrayed by Suranne Jones, cut a dashing swathe through society as Gentleman Jack

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