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Welcome to Brambledown Designs or Brambledown Towers* as we like to call it!


We make art with a geeky edge that works as well in a lounge as it does in a game room.  We produce some truly unique pieces that mix pop art with pop culture, using an eclectic mix of methods.  These include linoprinting onto old books and maps using and upcycling old records to create fascinating one-off pieces of art.  We also use our designs to produce stylish wall art, coasters, bookmarks, badges, jewellery and many other things to delight your inner geek.

Symon does the art and Pamela does everything else, which seems to work out quite well!  It is a massive departure from teaching science, which although we both enjoyed, we much prefer running Brambledown together, though Symon does miss blowing things up.  We live together with the faithless hounds Baxter and Morgan, and Tibbs; The Beast of Brambledown Towers.

When Symon left teaching he found he had an abundance of time and energy, so all that went into painting and drawing, and as a result of this our collection of art is expansive.  We cover a lot of bases too, including nature and classic literary subjects and of course lots of geekery; from Heroes to Horror via whatever happens to be on Netflix at the moment.  Whatever floats your boat, we have you covered.


*There are no towers at Brambledown Towers, it is in fact a bungalow.

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