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Brambledown Designs on Tour!

If you’ve met us before you know we get out and about across the UK quite a bit! If you haven’t met us before, obviously you’re missing out! Here are a few dates for your calendar. We tend to do Comic-Con events but we’re quite partial to the odd festival.


Wales Comic Con, Telford    13th May to 14th May

Horror Con Sheffield       20-May21-May
MCM London    26th May to 28th May
UK Games Expo    2nd June to 4th June
Nostalgia Show, Stansted House        16th June to 18th June

Brighton UKCGF 10-Jun 

Southampton UKCGF 17-Jun 

Nostalgia Show 18-Jun 

Camper Marmalade 30-Jun - 3-Jul 

LFCC Olympia 7-Jul - 9-Jul 

*Cap Con Norfolk, 22-Jul - 23-Jul 

Jazz and blues festival Eastbourne 29-Jul - 30-Jul 

Retrofestival Newbury 11-Aug - 13-Aug 

British Motor Show, Farnborough 17-Aug - 20-Aug 

Car Fest, Laverstoke 25-Aug - 27-Aug 

Labyrinth Experience 9-Sep - 10-Sep 

NorCon 23-Sep - 24-Sep 

Edinburgh comicon 7-Oct - 8-Oct 

Wyntercon 14-Oct - 15-Oct 

Liverpool Comic Con 21-Oct - 22-Oct 

Suffolk Christmas Fair 4-Nov - 5-Nov 

For the Love of Horror, Manchester 11-Nov - 12-Nov 

Henley Xmas fair, Farnborough 23-Nov - 26-Nov 


*Not confirmed

Past events

Contingency, Hunstanton    16th January to 23rd January
Capital Sci-Fi Con, Edinburgh    11th February to 12th February

Sci Fi Ball, Botley    17th February to 19th February

London Comicon Spring        4th March to 5th March

Exeter Comic Con UKCGF    11th March to 12th March

SciFi Weekender, Yarmouth    16th March to 19th March

Liverpool Monopoly    1st April to 2nd April

London ComiCon UKGCF    29th April to 30th April


London Comic Con Spring 26-Feb 27-Feb Read Blog 1 Read Blog 2

Bristol Comicon and gaming festival 6-Mar Read Blog

Comic Con Scotland NE Aberdeen 12-Mar 13-Mar Read Blog

MegaCon Birmingham 26-Mar 27-Mar Read Blog

Wales Comic Con 2-Apr 3-Apr Read Blog

Portsmouth Comicon 7-May 8-May

Comic Con Liverpool 21-May 22-May Read Blog

UKGE 3-Jun 5-Jun

Retrofest Newark 10-Jun 12-Jun

Nostalgia Show - Stansted 17-Jun 19-Jun

LFCC 8-Jul 10-Jul 

Carfest North 23-Jul 24-Jul

Comic Con Wales - monopoly 6-Aug 7-Aug 

Retrofest Newbury 12-Aug 14-Aug

Carfest South 26-Aug 28-Aug

WynterCon 10-Sep 11-Sep Read Blog

Norcon 24-Sep 25-Sep Read Blog

Comic Con Scotland Edinburgh 8-Oct 9-Oct Read Blog

Exeter UKCGF 15-16th Oct

MCM London 29-Oct 30-Oct Read Blog

MCM Birmingham 9-Nov 13-Nov Read Blog

Comic Con Liverpool 19-20 Nov

Fleet Christmas lights 23 Nov

Wales Comic Con  3-Dec 4-Dec Read Blog

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