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Brambleduck is a travelbug!  That's quite a bit to decipher in a very short sentence.  Brambleduck is very large rubber duck who is our travelling companion when we go to events, his job is to guard our lucky dip!  A travelbug on the other hand is virtual collectible item in the real-world game of geocaching.

If you aren't aware of geocaching then you're missing out, it's a great little hobby where you go on a virtual treasure hunt.  Using an app, players discover the caches using GPS coordinates to home in on the "treasure".  A travelbug is an item which can travel with players and change hands so they move around the world.  Alternatively, they can be items which people discover and add to their collection of virtual discoveries.  The thrill of geocaching is that all caches and travelbugs are hidden in plain sight of the public but only geocachers know where the secrets are hidden.


Discover Brambleducks very own page where you can catch him for yourself

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