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A word about deliveries


You are clearly a wonderful human being with great taste if you are ordering from our little company. Every time we get an order, we do a little dance of joy! However, please bear in mind that there are only the two of us, Mr and Mrs and Brambledown, and we don’t have any minions to make up and post our orders for us. We can’t compete with the speed of Amazon, for example, and we may be away at events selling our unique goodies when orders come in.

Some of our stuff is made for us by mug fairies like Sam or T-Shirt goblins like Luke.  They too are small businesses and do other stuff as well as make shiny things for you, so ordering these things may take time.

If you need your goodies to arrive for a special day please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.

Love and Glue
Mr and Mrs Brambledown

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