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Shipping Forecast

One of the lovely things about what we do is the people we meet, you lot are a bit brill! We quite often get approached by charities, which is what happened at Carfest South this year. Ella, a representative from the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, asked if we could help out.

We donated one of our “Shipping Forecast” pictures which seemed very appropriate for the EMCT. The picture has each of the locations used in the Shipping Forecast incorporated into the lighthouse and it’s finished off with a giant wave modelled on “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai.

Along with a host of other donations my painting was auctioned off to raise a whopping £4000 at an event earlier this month. Ella wrote to me with the good news!

“Good morning Symon!

I come with fantastic news – your wonderful auction prize was auctioned off at £150!! And the event raised an incredible £4k for the Trust overall – thank you SO much for helping this event be such a great success!

We were absolutely delighted to have received such a brilliant auction prize from yourself. I have attached a photo of the prize display as I thought your print looked wonderful amongst them all. I would be grateful if you forwarded on your address as I am keen to send you a formal thank you in the post for your kind gift.

Looking forward to hearing from you and many thanks again for your generosity.

Best wishes,


It’s always lovely to get such positive feedback, so our day was well and truly started with a spring in our steps!

If you would like to learn more about the EMCT and their work and maybe donate, please follow this link.

Love and Glue

Symon and Pamela

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