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Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Once-upon-a-time we were both teachers, which was a fabulous career for many reasons. One such reason is seeing the students you taught as children growing up into adults and having children of their own, particularly when the student happens to be one of the lovely ones.

Leonie was one of the lovely ones and has gone on to have a child of her own, Hattie. Hattie was born profoundly deaf and needed cochlear implants. When I saw Leonie's post I decided to help.

Leonie writes...

"Our beautiful little girl, Hattie, was born profoundly deaf and at the age of just 18 months old has undergone major surgery for cochlear implants to give her the best chance to hear. These devices are however not a miracle cure without the support from many professionals who will aid her to listen and to speak, as well as offer her (and us parents) the additional support needed to give her the best chance for a normal and happy life. And that is where the Elizabeth Foundation come in... The Elizabeth Foundation (TEF) helps deaf babies and pre school children learn to listen and speak. TEF are there to support and inform families from the moment their child is diagnosed with any degree of hearing loss. This year over 80 babies, toddlers and pre-school children will attend specialist education programmes and get individual speech and language therapy. This service is a private service based in Portsmouth that is by far the best resource Hattie has had so far, and we will be taking her to the centre weekly for the next few years. The Foundation rely on personal donations to survive, and that is why we are running a SPECIAL FUNDRAISER! FOR EVERY £5 YOU DONATE, YOUR NAME WILL GO INTO A DRAW* TO WIN ONE OF THESE PRIZES: - Your choice of unique, illustrated artwork from Brambledown Designs - A delicious box of Hetty's brownies delivered right to your door - A collection of illustrated cards from Leonie Jayne Designs - A £15 voucher for Marmalade Fox Baby, to spend on some of their beautiful handmade baby and children's clothing - A £10 voucher for Sophia and the Fox, to spend on anything in their collection of handprinted clothing for adventurous adults and their little wild ones

This is not a plea for poverty, as we will be paying for our daughter's sessions and travel to the foundation. This is simply an opportunity for us to spread some awareness and raise some support for an incredible service helping so many children and their families. Thank you so much for supporting in any way you can. Big love, the Booth's x

*to be drawn on Friday 6th August"

It would be lovely if you could help


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