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Loki Work in Progress

Hey hey you loverly folk!

I've been doing a few bits and bobs recently so I thought I'd show you the results

We're going to LFCC and Richard E Grant is going to be there, Pamela is besides herself! I figured it would be an opportunity to do a Loki picture so.....

This was the source picture I used, he looks like he's having way too much fun and the saggy pants are in full effect!

I started with the face and it was pretty terrible, he looks more like Bruce Forsythe!

With the face much improved I moved onto the body, I love this chunky graphic style I'm using.

This picture really is all about the pants!

The full body finished, just the magic to add, I've been doing lots of black and white recently and I want to add a bit of colour, though only as a small part of the picture.

Green is Loki's colour, so I thought his balls of magic in colour was the way to go. I made it all angular because Loki is a Viking God and runes are angular.

That's him done, I like the geometry of it all, the angles of Loki versus the circle behind him and the saggy pants are brill!

This image is available as a print or on a range of products in the main store.

That's all for now

Love and Glue


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