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Iron Man WIP, Avengers Assembling

Updated: May 1, 2022

Here's another WIP of another of our Avenger pictures, the penultimate one in the list of original Avengers. So far we have done Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner aka the Hulk, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and Chris Evans as Captain America. Read to the bottom for an exclusive offer

With Iron Man, the choice was to feature Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark or go with the suit. The suit won over, then we have a variety of suits and arc reactors to choose from, I like the round reactor, as it matches the other Avengers I've done already and it has a nice Art Deco feel to it.

I started on the head after I'd sketched out the outline, though I needed to tweak the initial pic. The angle of the head is a bit confusing, so I simplified the mask.

With a simpler mask it made the face clearer so then I progressed with the rest of the body, adding the darker shades made it a little easier to make sense of all the armour panels.

I got a bit carried away with adding the black lines....

With all the armour panels defined it was straightforward to fill in the rest of the panels, though the foreshortening of the body needed to be emphasised.

With a blackwash over the lower half of the body to add a little more shadow, it was time to add a little bit of colour to the picture. The arc reactor is nice combination of blue and red, which is picked out on the main chest panel.

All that was left to do was tidy up the circle on the arc reactor using my massive compasses and then choose which colour to use for the hand repulsors. The blue matched everything else. I want to keep the use of colour down to a minimum since I like the idea of stripping the colour out of normally primary coloured superheroes and just using a dash of their main colours

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Here are a few examples of the lovely stuff we have on offer...

That's all for now


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