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  • Pamela Leech

First RPG book bought this year

We took Brambledown to UKGE this year and we were just down the way from the Chaosium stand. I have been working on several pictures for the new edition of Cthulhu by Gaslight, a Victorian version of the Lovecraftian RPG, so I popped over to see Mike Mason. Mike is the line manager for Cthulhu and he was in good form, it slightly fries my mind that I know people who write the games I played as a kid, let alone that I’m involved in that game as an artist! What I didn’t know is that Ben Aaronovitch, the author of Rivers of London was at the stand signing copies of the RPG. Needless to say, I fanboyed and had a chat with Ben and Lynne Hardy the Rivers line runner, both of which are thoroughly lovely humans!

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