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  • Symon Leech

Oldest game I have played.

In 1984 played Dungeons and Dragons back in the day in a sweaty teenage bedroom with my friends Dean and Darren. To be honest I’m not sure I remember a great deal about it and I don’t think any of us really had much of an idea how to play it. Later I got MERP, Middle Earth RolePlay and I could not figure out how to roll percentile dice! Back in the day, games were not really written with younger players in mind, the rules were dense and impenetrable. Despite my early experiences, I loved it, things were much simpler in those days.

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May 26

I have recently found the original French edition of D&D when I cleared my parents' house and I remember I had no one to play with apart from my dad agreeing to be DM from time to time. Still it's amazing it's mostly intact after all these years!

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