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  • Symon Leech

Day 7 - Smartest RPG

Dracula unredacted is a cracking game by Pelgrane Press that takes a very simple premise and expands on it. The idea is that Bram Stokers Dracula novel was actually a real document, however, it was doctored before it was released. Players come into possession of a copy of the original manuscript and use it to track the machinations of Dracula in the present day. The genius stroke of this game is that it comes with the best player handout ever… the book. When we played this game the GM bundled up the book in brown paper and it was handed to us for investigation, it’s covered in notes, which correspond to adventure path/seeds in the GM book, which makes for a completely freeform sandbox of a game. We asked for information about a place or event in the book and the GM told us to google it because any information we could find either in or out of the book can be incorporated into the game! It was a completely different roleplaying experience and blurred the boundaries of fiction and reality, the word meta doesn’t come into it.

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