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Slytherin linocut printed on upcycled Harry Potter book. A limited edition lino print series on a 2003 copy of Order of the Phoenix.


Slytherin is part of a series that includes Gryffindor, Hufflepuff , Ravenclaw and Slytherin but will be expanded to include Harry, Hermione, Ron and more!  This is a unique gift for bibliophile, Potterhead and is printed on upcycled paper and due to the nature of a lino cut print and the different pages of the book no two versions can ever be the same!


Linocut or lino print is a method where the artist carves into lino and uses it to produce a negative picture, an impression of this can then be taken to produce the picture positive. It can be extremely difficult and frustrating as one mistake can destroy the work or leave you with an injury, the tools are extremely sharp!

Slytherin House Crest - Hogwarts - Wizard - Handmade linocut print on book

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  • Harry Potter

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