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Sarah, from the wonderful world of Labyrinth; the magical film produced by Jim Henson. Sarah Williams played by a young Jennifer Connelly becomes an accidental hero when Jareth the Goblin King kidnaps her younger brother Toby. Painted in the vibrant style of a stained-glass window, this watercolour will transport you to far away worlds and bring a little magic into your home.

This exquisite piece of art is part of a series that depicts the characters from this classic movie in a whimsical way with intricate details that give it a timeless charm. From Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) and Jareth (David Bowie), in his iconic outfit, to Ludo, Hoggle, Sir Didymus and all their fantastic companions, this piece pays homage to this timeless cult classic.

Created by Brambledown Designs, brainchild of Symon and Pamela Leech, each piece is handcrafted with love and attention to detail. With a unique piece like this, you can feel good knowing that your purchase goes towards supporting independent artists and their craft. Bring some “Dance Magic Dance” into your life with Jareth the Goblin King!


This image is available as art prints, mini prints, steel bookmarks, stickers, greeting cards, mugs and coasters.


We also feature the image on a range of top quality clothing including hoodies, zipped hoodies (zoodies), sweaters, t-shirts and vests.

Sarah - Labyrinth - Jennifer Connelly - Print

  • Fine liner and watercolour

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