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David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King from Jim Henson's beloved muppet classic the Labyrinth. This was a formative film for us with Ziggy Stardust playing the villain to Jennifer Connelly's Sarah on a quest to recover Toby, the babe with the power! Based on the gorgeous artwork by Brian Froud and brought to life by master Muppeteers, characters such as Ludo, Hoggle and the Fireys etched themselves into my memory.


Fill up those horrible blank spaces on your walls and bring a little life to your bedroom, lounge or studio. This is a must-buy item for any Bowie or Labyrinth fan, ideal for self gifting, birthday presents or simply just because you want it!

David Bowie - Jareth - Goblin King - Jim Henson - Labyrinth - Mug+Coaster

  • A 100% Brambledown Design original.

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