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  • Symon Leech

The heart of Wynter - WynterCon 22

We love WynterCon to bits! It’s just about the friendliest event we go to, and we feel like we are walking into the bar at Cheers, everyone literally knows our name. I’m ashamed to say I’m a bit rubbish at remembering everyone else’s but we’ll call each other 'mate' and pretend we know what to call each other eh?

If you didn’t know, WynterCon is a two-day event run out of the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne and it’s one of the few charity cons, supporting education for young adults. The con is run by Mr WynterCon, Andy Kybett, a larger* and lovelier man you couldn’t hope to meet.

We had taken commissions from folk we knew we going to meet up with at the con, which we needed to deliver. We had a car full of paintings to drop off to customers when we set off on Friday. Judge Dredd and Martin Freeman as Doctor Watson snuggled up with Spike, Eleven and Count Dracula ready to go to their respective forever homes. My sideboard where I store/display my work is looking quite bare now.

We arrived Friday to set up, which went smoothly and set off to our hotel, which was pretty much on the doorstep of the event. After a romantic meal at a local restaurant, we settled in for an early night ready to trade the next day.

Day one was superb! We were super busy all day and met up with our customers to distribute all of our pre-ordered commissions. We were invited out for a meal with other traders but after such a busy day all we wanted to do was crash out and get a disco nap in time to go out the fancy dress party that evening. Dirty booze was drunk, inadvisable wigs were worn and we had a pretty cool night!!

Day two was much the same as day one except with a slight hangover, thankfully it was salved somewhat by the delivery of some delicious cannoli from a local deli, thank you Wiz!

All in all, WynterCon was a resounding success for us, and I would highly recommend going as an attendee or as a trader.

Thanks for having us!

Love and Glue,

Symon and Pamela

* Some Wookiees are a bit taller.

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