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Are you a Whovian looking to spruce up your home with a unique piece of wall art? Look no further than this beautiful Tom Baker print! No matter if you're a long-time Who fan or just discovering Dr Who, this image is sure to make you a fan.


With stunning black and white colors, this print of the Fourth Doctor is truly eye-catching. The original was crafted from premium acrylic paints, and these prints will last for years and bring life to any room. Better yet, having an image of the beloved Tom Baker on your wall will spark conversations with fellow Whovians about your favorite episodes and more!


Order a print now and be ready to get asking yourself why you didn't buy it sooner. This unique Tom Baker image will surely become the topic of curiosity at any gathering. Add one to your home today!


This image is available as art prints, mini prints, steel bookmarks, stickers, greeting cards, mugs and coasters.


We also feature the image on a range of top quality clothing including hoodies, zipped hoodies (zoodies), sweaters, t-shirts and vests.

Tom Baker – Doctor Who – portrait - Ladies T

  • A 100% Brambledown Design original, going from canvas to clothing.

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