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  • Symon Leech

The Far East! NorCon 2022

We’re being a bit spoilt at the moment, WynterCon was a couple of weeks ago and now NorCon! It was rather lovely, such a positive and welcoming event! This is the third time we’ve been to the event and we’re meeting people over again from our first couple of visits. It’s a lovely feeling to be greeted by familiar faces.

NorCon is based in the Norfolk Showground in Norwich, which is a pretty decent venue with loads of inside and outside space. The event is well and truly established and has a lot of love from the local community and the cosplay community.

We took the opportunity to meet some of the guests. Pamela was extremely excited to meet Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor, who was an absolute charmer. I promised to do a picture of him for the next event we are both at, so I’d better get a move on with it!

We also met Chris Barrie, Rimmer from Red Dwarf, who was delighted with our picture of the smeg heads from the ‘Dwarf'. It’s always lovely to get positive feedback about my paintings but it’s even more special when it comes from the subject of your painting.

The cosplay was superb with loads of great costumes hitting the con floor. It was great to catch up with Unipool Cosplay, TJC Cosplays and the Gentleman Geek. We were unexpectedly sociable and went out with these reprobates for a drink on Saturday evening which was great fun, I think we probably have to do this more often!

NorCon is a great convention, I’d heartily recommend it as a visitor or a trader. See you all next year!

Love and Glue

Symon and Pamela

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