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Hulk Smash! WIP of a gert green Avenger

I've been commissioned to do the Avengers as individual portraits, you may have seen my Hawkeye, Black Widow and Captain America ones so far.

Well, it's SMASHING TIME! Ready for Bruce Banner, AKA Mark Ruffalo, to step forward. I've done this one with a focus on Banner than Hulk and I think it works quite well, I like the pensive look on his face which says a lot about the character.

This was before the green one appeared, I liked the unfinished feel of his clothes, so I left it like that. It hadn't been the plan but a character that's on the edge of rage all the time should look a bit ragged.

Next, it's adding the Jolly Green Giant! The paint requires several layers to get a good degree of opacity so it appears flat, it's a bit of a pain to be honest.

As you can see the Hulk is green but he's going to need a few more coats before I'm happy. Also, I left a radioactivity symbol in the middle of his chest, it seems appropriate given his origin story.

The circle around the outside of the image should help to emphasise the radioactivity symbol and link the two characters together. It's also echoed in some of the other Avengers portraits I've done. Hulk and the other Avenger portraits are available on the website if you'd like a look. A reminder that our Patreon patrons get a 50% discount for one week from today on all new prints and merch. To become a patron take a look at the benefits here

That's all for now


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1 Comment

Laura Cooper
Laura Cooper
May 22, 2022

I love this image and am so looking forward to putting the copy of it I bought today on the wall.

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